19mm Wheel Nut Indicators 25 Pack

$33.00 inc GST

95 packs in stock

  • Enhances vehicle safety with clear visual alerts.
  • Made from durable materials for lasting performance.
  • Easy installation and versatile compatibility.
  • 25-pack to cover the wheel nuts on a standard vehicle and have extra for replacements.
  • Next Day Safety’s commitment to quality assurance.
  • 19mm Wheel Nut Indicators are the most common amongst standard vehicles.


Our 19mm Wheel Nut Indicators are the ultimate companion for promoting road safety and proactive vehicle maintenance. Our carefully crafted 25-pack of indicators provides you with an effective solution to monitor the condition of your wheel nuts, ensuring a safer driving experience.

Upgrade your road safety measures with the Next Day Safety 19mm Wheel Nut Indicators 25-Pack. Order now and experience the peace of mind that comes with making a responsible investment in your vehicle’s safety.