Wheel Nut Indicators – Australia’s Biggest Range

Wheel Nut Indicators are a visual safety device to warn if any nuts on your vehicles wheel’s have become loose. When fitted, an extremely dangerous loose wheel nut can be identified with just a quick glance.

Available in sizes to match all common wheel nut sizes. Loose wheel nut indicators are becoming more common in Australia to help avoid serious incidents from wheel nuts loosening without being noticed. Next Day Safety have Australia’s biggest range in stock with competitive pricing and fast shipping.

What are the available types of wheel nut indicators? The most common style in Australia are Dust Cap style and Flat Ring style. Dust cap wheel nut indicators are typically used with alloy wheels while the flat ring style are more suited to steel rims.

How do Loose Wheel Nut Indicators work?

Wheel nut indictors provide a simple method of checking if a wheel nut may have become loose. With a quick glance at each wheel, it should be obvious to a passer by if one or more of the wheel nut indicators is out of the pattern.

When choosing to install wheel nut indicators on your vehicle, you should choose a pattern that is easy that will be simple to recognise if a wheel nut was to rotate loose.

Dust Cap Style

Dust Cap Loose Wheel Nut Indicators Fitted To Holden Alloy Wheels.
An Example of a Loose Wheel Nut identified by the changed indicator pattern.

Flat Ring Style

A Steel Wheel Fitted with Flat Ring Wheel Nut Indicators
This is an example of a loose wheel nut, clearly identifiable by the wheel nut indicator that is not aligned with the rest.

What size do I need?

There are many different sizes available so it’s best to check your vehicle before purchasing. The best way to confirm the size required is to check the nut size with a spanner, or in the case of alloy wheels, a wheel nut socket. There may be a socket with the vehicles spare wheel that you can either measure or check if the size is etched on the wrench.

If you have a measuring device such as a Vernier, you may be able to measure the nut across the flats of the nut.

Checking wheel nut size using a 19mm socket
Checking wheel nut size using a 19mm socket
Measuring the wheel nut across flats using a vernier
Measuring the wheel nut across flats using a vernier