27mm Wheel Nut Indicators 25 Pack

$33.00 inc GST

21 packs in stock

  • Enhances safety through visual warnings.
  • Universally compatible design.
  • Cost-effective 25-pack for multiple vehicles.
  • Effortless installation process.
  • Durable and long-lasting performance.


Imagine you’re driving down the highway when suddenly you feel your vehicle wobbling. Avoid this dangerous situation with our 27mm Wheel Nut Indicators, available in a 25-pack. These reliable tools provide a clear visual alert of loosening wheel nuts, enhancing safety for both you and other drivers. They’re easy to install, universally compatible, and designed for lasting durability. Protect yourself and your vehicle with this essential, affordable, and convenient solution. Experience lightning-fast delivery, ensuring your safety products arrive in no time.