Warning Asbestos Containing Material Sign

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“Warning Asbestos Containing Material Existing In This Building Please Consult The Asbestos Register Prior To Commencing Work” Sign. The sign warns of asbestos-containing material in the building and advises consulting the asbestos register before starting work.

  • 0.8mm Metal (Aluminium) for Outdoor or Indoor Use.
  • Or 1.5mm Plastic for Indoor or Temporary Signs.
  • Sign Colours: Black & Yellow.

All of our signs have 4 x 4mm mounting holes.

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Designed to alert workers and visitors of potential asbestos hazards, this sign plays a critical role in communicating safety information in buildings where asbestos-containing materials are present. It is crucial for compliance with health and safety regulations regarding hazardous substances. Ideal for use in older buildings, renovation sites, and areas undergoing demolition, it can help prevent health risks associated with asbestos exposure. The sign features bold text and a vibrant yellow background to ensure high visibility.

Next Day Safety prints these signs to order, typically on the same day.

It is important to comply with Australian safety sign regulations, especially when dealing with hazardous materials like asbestos. For additional information, contact Next Day Safety to learn more about the requirements for safety signs in the workplace.