Filled 10 Padlock Lockout Rack

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10 x Lockout Safety Isolation Padlocks

Select your Lockout padlocks:

10 x lockout padlocks with wall mountable steel rack.

  • 10 x lockout safety padlocks, 38mm shackle height.
  • Powder coated steel rack ready for wall mounting

Available key types:

  • Keyed different: where each lock comes with 2 matching keys that will only open this padlock.
  • Keyed alike: where each key can open all of the locks ordered. 1 key supplied for every padlock.

In compliance with Australian Standards, the key is retained in the lock while unlocked to prevent the key being removed while unlocked. This ensures the padlock is never incorrectly left unlocked.

On the back of each padlock is an area to optionally write the padlock owner’s details. All variations come with a non-conductive nylon body. For electrical use, there is the option for non conductive safety shackle.

Padlock Dimensions:

  • 38mm padlock shackle height
  • 6.5mm shackle diameter
  • 90mm padlock length
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