Lifting Technique Guide Sign

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“Prevent Back Injury Bend Knees to Lift Obtain Assistance” Sign. The sign depicts proper lifting techniques with graphics indicating to bend knees for lifting and not to lift alone.

  • 0.8mm Metal (Aluminium) for Outdoor or Indoor Use.
  • Or 1.5mm Plastic for Indoor or Temporary Signs.
  • Sign Colours: Black & Red.

  • All of our signs have 4 x 4mm mounting holes.

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    Our Prevent Back Injury sign is designed for workplaces where manual handling and lifting is a regular task. Featuring easy-to-understand graphics and clear instructions, this sign encourages safe lifting practices to prevent workplace injuries. It can be displayed in areas such as warehouses, retail back rooms, and loading docks, where lifting could pose a risk to employees. It serves as a visual reminder to bend at the knees and obtain assistance when lifting heavy objects. Next Day Safety prints these signs to order usually on the same day, ensuring swift delivery across all of Australia. Given the requirements in Australia to have clear safety signs in the workplace, this sign helps maintain compliance and the wellbeing of staff. For further details or if you have specific questions about integration into your safety program, please contact Next Day Safety for more information.