No Smoking Or Vaping Within 10 Meter Prohibition Sign

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“No Smoking Or Vaping Within 10 Metres” Sign. The sign features a prohibition symbol over a cigarette and an electronic cigarette indicating that smoking and vaping are not allowed within 10 metres of this sign’s location.

  • 0.8mm Metal (Aluminium) for Outdoor or Indoor Use.
  • Or 1.5mm Plastic for Indoor or Temporary Signs.
  • Sign Colours: Black, Red & White.

All of our signs have 4 x 4mm mounting holes.

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Maintain a smoke-free environment around sensitive areas with the ‘No Smoking Or Vaping Within 10 Metres’ sign, ideal for placement in hospitals, schools, and commercial buildings. This clear signage helps to enforce non-smoking legislation and create a healthier space for everyone. For inquiries on this product or guidance related to safety sign requirements in the workplace, feel free to contact Next Day Safety. Crafted with durability in mind, this sign is suited to both indoor and outdoor use. More information on Australian safety signage requirements is available on our safety signs page.