Danger Risk Of Battery Explosion Warning Sign

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“Danger Risk Of Battery Explosion No Smoking Sparks Flames” Sign. A warning sign indicating the risk of battery explosion and prohibiting smoking, sparks, and flames in the area.

  • 0.8mm Metal (Aluminium) for Outdoor or Indoor Use.
  • Or 1.5mm Plastic for Indoor or Temporary Signs.
  • Sign Colours: Black, Red & White.

All of our signs have 4 x 4mm mounting holes.

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This specialized warning sign is designed for areas where batteries are present and there is a risk of explosion. It clearly prohibits activities such as smoking, and the creation of sparks and flames that could trigger an explosion. Ideal for use in environments such as battery charging stations, warehouses storing batteries, or any workplace that handles or stores batteries which could potentially explode. Compliant with Australian safety regulations, this sign helps in maintaining a safe working environment by preventing ignition sources in areas at risk. Discover more safety signs or contact Next Day Safety for more information. Next Day Safety prints these signs to order, usually on the same day to ensure prompt delivery across Australia.