Filled Personal Lockout Tagout Kit

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5 x Lockout Safety Isolation Padlocks

Select your padlocks:

"DANGER Do Not Operate" Lockout Tags

10 x high quality, highly durable "Do Not Operate" tags. Tag dimensions are 75mm x 135mm.

Pressed Steel Lockout Hasp - 38mm

1 x 38mm Pressed Steel Hasp
SKU: 2050-066

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Empty Lockout Tagout Bag

Personal lockout portable zip up, fabric carry bag. Fits 10+ lockout padlocks, hasps and danger tags. Approx. dimensions: 24cm x 14cm x 9cm.
SKU: 2050-019

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Permanent Marker Pen Black

Permanent black marker pen
SKU: 2050-040

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Filled personal lockout kit in portable zip up, nylon carry bag.

Lockout/Tagout kit Includes:

  • 5 x chrome steel shackle padlocks, 38mm shackle height.
  • ┬áLockout Hasps / Safety Jaws
  • 10 x Waterproof Lockout Inspection Tags
  • Zip up, nylon carry bag approx. dimensions: 24cm x 14cm x 9cm. Plenty of space to add additional locks, hasps & tags.
  • 1 x permanent marker

Electricians – See our 16 piece MCB lockout add on for this kit.

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