Appropriate Safety Harness And Fall Arrest Must Be Worn And Secured Mandatory Sign

$22.00$49.50 inc GST

“Appropriate Safety Harness & Fall Arrest Must Be Worn And Secured” Sign. The sign features an icon of a person wearing a safety harness, with text indicating the requirement to wear and secure an appropriate safety harness and fall arrest system.

  • 0.8mm Metal (Aluminium) for Outdoor or Indoor Use.
  • Or 1.5mm Plastic for Indoor or Temporary Signs.
  • Sign Colours: Blue & White.

All of our signs have 4 x 4mm mounting holes.


Designed for environments where there is a risk of falls, such as construction sites, elevated platforms, or any area that requires working at height, the ‘Appropriate Safety Harness & Fall Arrest Must Be Worn And Secured’ sign is a clear reminder of essential safety precautions. Suitable for placing at the entry points to scaffolding zones, roofing projects, and other high-risk areas, this sign communicates the need for proper safety equipment to be worn by all personnel. Printed to order typically on the same day, these signs address the requirements in Australia to have clear safety signage in the workplace. For additional information or inquiries, please contact Next Day Safety.

Next Day Safety matches Australian safety standards by providing high-visibility signs that can be easily interpreted and followed. To view our full range of safety signs, visit our safety signs category.